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A word can change a mind. A sentence can change a life. A book can change the world

The spaceship settled onto the chalky soil with a large judder. Pirate Captain Vash’s lone eye settled on the pilot. “Sorry, Captain. Scans didn’t show…” “Enough! Strren, prepare to capture hostages for ransom.” Strren’s eyebrow raised above his single eye and his pointed ears quivered. In a haughty tone, the ship’s science officer said, “I’ve […]

The spaceship took one look at the planet and hurtled downward. As a sentient spaceship, it was designed to recognize intelligent life. It’s voyage of millennia had found no sentience in the entire galaxy so the spaceship raced into the atmosphere where it left a fiery tail in it’s wake. “Finally,” the spaceship thought excitedly, […]

The first day of school and Captain Stupendous sat on the grass watching the kids playing. He was on guard and ever alert for villains. Superheroes needed to be alert, ever vigilant and always ready to… “Joey Middlemas! What are you doing sitting down there when we’re all lining up to go into class?” Captain […]

The summer was almost over and with it my summer romance. We had been together for only two weeks, but each day she would be there, at the same time and the same place, patiently waiting. She and her friends hung out together and that’s where we met. Some of my friends said she was […]

That beast looked at me, but I didn’t flinch. I knew I could look death in the eye and death would blink first. There was that instant, that nano second of uncertainty. Who was going to flinch first? I held my ground. You cannot afford to waiver in the face of death, because death doesn’t […]