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A word can change a mind. A sentence can change a life. A book can change the world

What’s the difference between sales and marketing? Most people have no idea and seem to confuse the two. To put it simply, if your books are on sale on Amazon then you don’t have to bother with sales. Amazon does the selling. That leaves you to concentrate on the critical marketing of your book. Once […]

  There’s a classic 1950s Science Fiction movie called When Worlds Collide, which tells the story of a rogue planet entering our solar system on a collision course with Earth. The resulting worldwide mayhem leaves a group of scientists to go it alone and build a rocket ship to escape before the world is destroyed. […]

With reports coming in that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has a few questions for the US President, Donald Trump, I can only guess at the sheer panic gripping Trump. Especially as you couple this with law suits from porn stars and the possibility his personal lawyer, or Mr-Fix-It, may flip on him. In fact, I […]

“Am I a good writer?” It’s a question all writers ask themselves and I’m sure we all answer with a tentative, “Well, I think so.” There is actually only one way to test that question. Put your writing out into the public arena and see what sort of reaction you get. The problem there is […]

As an indie author you have to make yourself wear a lot of different hats. Your writer’s hat is different to your marketing hat. It’s the marketing hat that can sometimes be the most time consuming. If you’re not careful, you will find it takes up more time than the actual writing of your books. […]

Content In social media circles, content is touted as king. But it’s surprising how many people who have a social media platform have no idea what content is. Put simply, if you’re a writer, musician, painter, film maker or anyone who wants an audience for their work, then you need to show off that work. […]

Take a quick poll in any shopping mall in any city in any country. Ask one question. “Do you like to get something for nothing?” What’s the betting the majority say yes? If your answer is yes then here’s something for nothing for you. In fact, here’s TWO somethings for nothing. Hitler’s Secret Atomic Bomb This […]

If anyone asks my advice on their writing, there are two things I will tell them to get right, spelling and word usage. And no, I’m not asking you to learn magic! Aside from the fact we English spell a few words differently to our cousins across the pond, spelling and word usage is essential […]

  It’s said in blogging circles that content is king. That may be the case, but if nobody knows about your blog you’re wasting your time. There are bloggers out there who would love the chance to write a good blog, yet either can’t get started or have no idea where to begin. I was […]