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One place I wanted to visit on my recent trip to Australia, and unfortunately didn’t make it due to time constraints, was Rottnest Island. Apart from it being a great boat trip from either Perth or Fremantle, it had on the island a population of what has to be my favourite Australian animal, Quokkas. These […]

If you’ve stayed in a hotel anywhere in the UK you will probably have been supplied with a complimentary kettle, cups, milk, tea and coffee. You may even have been provided with a fridge to keep milk in. The same applies here in Cyprus and I’ve had the same in America, Australia and throughout the Caribbean […]

To me, road safety is paramount wherever you are driving any vehicle. Even the smallest car can become a killing machine in the hands of a reckless driver, or, as we have sadly seen in recent times, in the hands of a terrorist. I’ve driven cars, vans, tractors, 20 foot lorries and anything in between […]

The small town of Margaret River has a lot to offer, the surrounding countryside and beaches are very beautiful. But that’s not all Maragaret River has to offer as it’s also famous for it’s wines, beers and spirits, sometimes likened to the Bordeaux region of France. As you drive through the area the place is […]