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Maggie. Nature takes its own counsel and its own course. Nature’s overriding loyalty is to nature and nature decided to cure Magda of all but one of her ills. Magda awoke with a start, sat up, looked around the small cabin that had been Captain Blackmore’s and spoke for the first time in many days. […]

Located in Lombardy, in the foothills of the Alps, Bergamo wasn’t quite what I expected. It was the final day of our tour round the Italian lakes and the next day we were flying back to Cyprus, so Bergamo was our last stop. This is a town of two distinct halves. The lower, modern era […]

Our recent trip abroad entailed two distinctly different styles to achieve the same result, sightseeing. London was the first destination which we organised ourselves and the second destination was Lake Como, in Italy, which was organised through Riviera Travel in the UK. In London we did a sightseeing river cruise down the Thames, visited the […]

Yesterday was a miserable day, a Les Miserable day. Going to see this long running show had long been an ambition that’s now finally fulfilled. And what a show it is. The setting, the Queen’s Theatre Shafetesbury Avenue, just off Leicester Square, was superb. The cast were magnificent and the sets were spectacular. These are […]

Yesterday was another day of walking. My poor old legs are a good few inches shorter than when I arrived in London on Sunday and it’s only Wednesday today. It’s was worth it though. Part of my sightseeing yesterday was a trip on the London Eye. Impressive? You bet. Until you’ve seen London from the […]

It wasn’t so long ago that Britain was in the thrall of a referendum that was going to change our British way of life if the yes camp had their way. No, I’m not talking about Brexit, I’m talking about the referendum in Scotland to see if the Scottish people wanted independence from Britain. If […]