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A word can change a mind. A sentence can change a life. A book can change the world

What’s the difference between sales and marketing? Most people have no idea and seem to confuse the two. To put it simply, if your books are on sale on Amazon then you don’t have to bother with sales. Amazon does the selling. That leaves you to concentrate on the critical marketing of your book. Once […]

As an indie author you have to make yourself wear a lot of different hats. Your writer’s hat is different to your marketing hat. It’s the marketing hat that can sometimes be the most time consuming. If you’re not careful, you will find it takes up more time than the actual writing of your books. […]

There’s an old James Cagney movie called White Heat, where Cagney plays a gangster who has a fixation with his mother. In the final scene, he’s on top of a gas holder that’s in flames, and shouts, “Made it, ma.Top of the world.” That’s just before the gas holder explodes and kills him. I mention […]

Indie authors need some way of telling the world about their writing. Whether it’s a new book release or your latest flash fiction, you are in serious need if you don’t have a platform on which to tell your readers what it is you’re writing about. What we are looking at here is your way […]

Every indie author should have a platform from which they should reach out to their audience.The foundation of that platform is a website. Mine is called Tom Kane Indie Author. Attached to my website is my blog, this blog. It’s attached because it means I control the blog, as opposed to a blog on […]