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This book asks a simple question. Did Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party he led create an Atomic bomb during World War 2? If the answer is yes, could it have been used against the allies.
Absolute proof exists that Nazi Germany was actively trying to create atomic an weapon. But only circumstantial evidence exists that the Nazis managed to create and test a weapon.

This is the third installment in Tom Kane’s Living in Cyprus series, the musings of an ex-pat living in Cyprus. Living in Cyprus: 2013 has been available for a while and the 2nd volume in the series. The first volume was so successful, the musings from 2014 soon followed suit.

As an Indie Author, you need to make your mark on the world wide web with an indie author blog. But that’s just part of the story behind what we call your Author Platform.
If you’re not sure where to start, An Indie Author Quick Guide to Blogging will reveal the lowdown on blogging basics, how to set up a site as part of your website and what makes a good blog.



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