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A Pat on His Back

Humour/Lifestyle £1.99

Like a lot of people we had a dream. To live in the sun and take life one small step at a time. Kick back, sit back, lie back, be an ex-pat on my back and watch the world go by. On moving from England to Cyprus, I expected to take life easier, but it was just the beginning of a long journey of discovery… not to mention the unforeseen expenses.
“Welcome to Cyprus. Please ensure your passport and wallet are open.”

Diary of a Debt Collector

Humour £1.49

Kim Darby had never had to work in her entire life.
She married her childhood sweetheart at eighteen and at thirty she had three young daughters, a lovely home and was living the dream.
Then her husband suddenly passed away, without any insurance cover and a stack of debts.
For the first time in her life, Kim needed a job. She had no problem finding a job, but on her first day she realised what the job entailed.
Hilarious true stories from the front-line of debt collecting.



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