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A Pat on his Back

Like a lot of people we had a dream. To live in the sun and take life one small step at a time. Kick back, sit back, lie back, be an ex-pat on my back and watch the world go by. With our two trusty dogs, Harvey and Holly, the ‘H’ Team, we wanted to move from wet and cold Britain to Cyprus, land of the sun and a place where living would be easier.
Ohh, but it was an eye opener, moving to Cyprus. Within minutes of landing at Larnaca airport, the staff there had lost our dogs. That was the beginning of a long night and an even longer journey of discovery… not to mention the unforeseen expenses. “Welcome to Cyprus. Please ensure your passport and wallet are open.”


Living in Cyprus: 2013

What rattles your cage and makes you put pen to paper? Tom Kane is an English ex-pat living in the small Mediterranean island of Cyprus, and these are his observations of life as an ex-pat in Cyprus. Although part of Europe and in the EU, Cyprus is close to the Middle East, which is a bit unnerving when you realise only a hundred miles away there is a civil war raging in Syria.
Tom has been blogging about Cyprus for many years and in this book we go from pornographic beer adverts to the island going broke, from Spy planes to flying dogs and from snake charming to rescuing dogs from a raging bush fire. Irreverent and funny but always observant, Tom Kane takes you on a ride through the funny, sad and odd side of Cyprus.

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   image of the Living in Cyprus 2017 book cover

Ciao Roma

A quick guide to some of the main sites in the beautiful city of Rome. It’s intended for those with limited time to go on vacation and see the city sights. Organising a vacation can take a lot of time and effort, so when your time is short, you don’t want to spend too much time wasting your efforts.
This guide covers the Vatican, the Colosseum & Roman Forum and sites such as the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. I’ve added a few more that we had never heard of.
My wife, Jo, and I had never been to Rome and our stay in the city was brief. We arrived Monday and left on the Friday, so sightseeing was limited to three days and we think we made the most of it. But to be honest, there is so much to look at in this spectacular and lovely city, that even two weeks would never be enough time. We found amazing buildings, piazzas and views around almost every corner.