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A word can change a mind. A sentence can change a life. A book can change the world

The seventh of several extracts from my soon to be published science fiction novel. Title: The Ragged Edge of Time. Genre: Science Fiction, Time Travel, Alternate History. You can read other extracts clicking #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 or #6. Achilles Heel Admiral Ganchen was a short fat man with a propensity to sweat when nervous. By the time his […]

Giving a book away for free is a powerful marketing tool, but in order for it to work you have to have two things. A well written book. A book linked to another book in terms of genre or is at least similar. If you have two eBooks and one is on gardening and the […]

Ever tried to get something right and then decided enough was enough and you would go with what you have? I did with my first book published on Amazon, then instantly regretted it. My book cover looked great to me, but then I suddenly realised that although the graphics imparted what I wanted, it was […]