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A word can change a mind. A sentence can change a life. A book can change the world

Ever had the feeling you’re going round in circles and never getting anywhere? I get that a lot with trying to figure out why a book sells or a free book is downloaded.  I have three free books I give away all the time, see the links at the end of this piece. For no […]

I wrote in a previous posting that you should give your readers a free book. It’s a good strategy because a permanent free book can be used as an advertising vehicle for your paid books. The more you give away the more you are likely to sell. It’s similar to content marketing in that the […]

Giving a book away for free is a powerful marketing tool, but in order for it to work you have to have two things. A well written book. A book linked to another book in terms of genre or is at least similar. If you have two eBooks and one is on gardening and the […]

Unless you enjoy sitting for hours on end at a market stall, not selling your books, then you need to look at the biggest market place on the planet, Amazon. If your book is available on Amazon as either a paperback or kindle or both versions, then you are not really going to have to worry about […]

Ever tried to get something right and then decided enough was enough and you would go with what you have? I did with my first book published on Amazon, then instantly regretted it. My book cover looked great to me, but then I suddenly realised that although the graphics imparted what I wanted, it was […]