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It’s a calm period since Harvey was first diagnosed with nasal cancer. The turbulence has toned down somewhat, though he did have an episode of a nose bleed a fortnight ago. That was stabilised by our magnificent vet’s, 3Vets, in Larnaca. Since than he’s gone from strength to strength. But, and it’s a big but, […]

After Harvey’s operation on his spine and his stomach we found Holly has a lump growing near her spine. So we visited the vet once more and thankfully the vet was positive. Holly has probably got a cyst and a course of anti-biotics will, we hope, cure the lump. But if it doesn’t do so […]

Harvey’s neurological problem, his Ataxia, meant that when we brought him home from the vets his backs legs were not working. There are three reasons for this. The Ataxia, the operation to cure it and the fact he was shut up in a cage almost 24 hours a day because the vet didn’t want him […]

After over three weeks of playing a very difficult waiting game with Harvey’s illness, he has finally been given the all clear to come home by the vet. Yesterday we collected him in the afternoon and so begins a pretty intense period where we have to work on Harvey’s physio ourselves for a week. If […]

What started out as a series I was posting to my blog about dogs in general and how they are treated in Cyprus, has become much more personal. Our eldest English Springer Spaniel, Harvey, has been at the vets since Saturday. His back legs gave way and he collapsed. He was diagnosed with Ataxia and […]

When a serious illness strikes it’s obviously a bad experience for the stricken party, those around the patient have only to await the outcome of tests before treatement, if possible, can begin. Yesterday was our waiting game in the fight to cure our English Springer Spaniel’s Ataxia. Harvey’s MRI scan indicated a problem with his […]

Ataxia may sound like a baddie in a Sci-Fi movie or Doctor Who episode, but it isn’t, it’s actually far more of a villain than you may think. I had never heard of Ataxia until our Harvey, a black and white English Springer Spaniel, started walking as if he was drunk. He stumbled, collapsed and […]