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Buying a property has its ups and downs. Buying a property in Cyprus tends to have a little¬†sideways motion to it as well, things that need doing by a certain time can slide a little, especially in the summer. Put it this way, it’s not easy. But then, having something good in your life is […]

According to a Cyprus government spokesperson, Cyprus is losing the halloumi trademark in the UK after failing to act on time was ‘an act of suicide’ for the interests of Cyprus. Food trademarks are big business worldwide and the failure of the commerce ministry in Cyprus to respond on time to applications filed by a […]

The title of this post is innocent, but the content behind the subject matter is palpably sinister. I of course refer to that Mediterranean meal that is designed to pounce on unsuspecting and carefree travelers. If you have no idea what a meze is, then read on. You have to sit down and wade your […]

In general, the Brits love two particular dishes to eat. A full English breakfast and Fish ‘n’ Chips, two special treats close to our hearts. There is nothing more at odds with the experience of eating Fish ‘n’ Chips than sat in a restaurant watching a swaying palm tree, the gently lapping of surf against […]