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Before anyone asks the obvious question, no I’m not talking about my bottom. I’m talking about my tomatoes. More to the point, why some of my tomatoes have black bottoms. It’s called blossom-end rot, presumably because it’s the blossom end of the tomato that’s rotting. It’s due to either a calcium deficiency or, as in […]

A couple of years ago I went through a phase of wanting to grow various salad plants. I’ve had some success with tomatoes in tubs, particularly the Roma variety. Lettuce has been sporadic and this year is a disaster mainly due to a ferocious heatwave in May. I also tried a few plants I could […]

What do you do to make sure your plants grow well, flower well, produce fruit or simply look nice and decorative. Talk to them? Feed them? How about making them a cup of tea? Tea? Am I mad? Well, yes, slightly, but that’s a story for another day. It seems that some plants react well […]

There are those of us who cannot stand the thought of meeting a snake face to face. Some won’t even watch wildlife programs on TV that feature snakes. And there are those who would never in a million years contemplate handling a snake. I don’t, I hasten to add, fit in any of those catergories. […]

What a difference a few weeks makes. The front garden had a makeshift rockery made up of concrete broken paving stones, with nothing but a yellow rose bush growing close by. Now we have nasturtium, pink daisies and African marigolds as well as the rose and a few other plants… most of which I have […]

It’s not just fruit I’m cultivating, though that’s my main target. But flowers also play a big part of my garden and I’m trying to develop a garden that will attract wildlife and it seems it may be working. I’ve plantedĀ  nasturtium and that’s attracted butterflies and today I’ve seen only the second Praying Mantis […]

I’ve finally added a a much sought after fruit to my list of fruiting plants in tubs. I’ve got orange, lemon, satsuma, cherry, nectarine, apple, grape and now fig. If you’ve never eaten a fig straight off the tree, then you have never tasted anything quite so sweet and succulent. The picture above is a […]