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Fermentation has stopped and I’ve removed all the must. In actual fact I removed the must and then the fermentation stopped because by that time there would be little for the yeast to work on. The end result of my homemade wine is greatly dependent on what type of grape used. In my case these […]

You would be forgiven to think that I’ve been in the sun too long as my last couple of posts were about making wine and this one is about fruit loaf. Granted, on the face of it, they are not exactly gardening subjects. But that’s where you’re wrong. The grapes I’m using in my wine […]

I originally wrote this piece under the main title of ‘The Concrete Gardener’ but as I’m going to go for a tasting of the wine I’ve produced tomorrow, then I thought I would make the title a little more accessible. So far there are three parts to this. The one you are reading, and steps […]

Before anyone asks the obvious question, no I’m not talking about my bottom. I’m talking about my tomatoes. More to the point, why some of my tomatoes have black bottoms. It’s called blossom-end rot, presumably because it’s the blossom end of the tomato that’s rotting. It’s due to either a calcium deficiency or, as in […]

I’ve finally added a a much sought after fruit to my list of fruiting plants in tubs. I’ve got orange, lemon, satsuma, cherry, nectarine, apple, grape and now fig. If you’ve never eaten a fig straight off the tree, then you have never tasted anything quite so sweet and succulent. The picture above is a […]