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The most spectacular part of my entire trip to Lake Como was a ride on The Bernina Express. But let’s be clear from the start, this is no express train, rather the opposite. Crossing the Alps on the Bernina Express is a very touristy thing and the train driver knows this, so is moving fairly […]

Our recent trip abroad entailed two distinctly different styles to achieve the same result, sightseeing. London was the first destination which we organised ourselves and the second destination was Lake Como, in Italy, which was organised through Riviera Travel in the UK. In London we did a sightseeing river cruise down the Thames, visited the […]

I’ve flown to may countries around the world with many airlines, some great others dire. But I’ve never experienced such a mixed bag of surly ground staff, great cabin and flight crew, ancient aircraft, cramped seating with no leg room, seat changes from those booked months earlier with no explanation and indifferent time-keeping. Mussolini, the […]

Travelling to spectacular locations is one thing, but trying to write posts for your blog while travelling is something else. In January of this year I visited Perth in Western Australia. Despite staying in a great apartment in Perth and a lovely lodge in Bussleton, a few hours drive south of Perth, writing was hard. […]

I can’t believe how time has flown and that it was almost a year ago that I had a fabulous vacation in Lake Como, Italy. If you have experienced thunderstorms in a mountainous region, especially in this area of Lake Como so close to the alps, you will know how long these storms can last […]