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Moving house isn’t too hard when it’s only next door. All you do is pack up your stuff, carry it all next door and unpack it. That’s the easy bit. The hard bit is getting to grips with where everything is located in a house that’s identical to the one you’re vacating, only reversed. I […]

Fermentation has stopped and I’ve removed all the must. In actual fact I removed the must and then the fermentation stopped because by that time there would be little for the yeast to work on. The end result of my homemade wine is greatly dependent on what type of grape used. In my case these […]

It was getting toward the end of the year, my tomatoes were done and the grapes on the vine are finished. What’s left of the grapes are being allowed to shrivel up in the sun to form currants and raisins which I’ll use in the fruit loaf I bake that my wife loves to eat. […]

A couple of years ago I went through a phase of wanting to grow various salad plants. I’ve had some success with tomatoes in tubs, particularly the Roma variety. Lettuce has been sporadic and this year is a disaster mainly due to a ferocious heatwave in May. I also tried a few plants I could […]

There are those of us who cannot stand the thought of meeting a snake face to face. Some won’t even watch wildlife programs on TV that feature snakes. And there are those who would never in a million years contemplate handling a snake. I don’t, I hasten to add, fit in any of those catergories. […]

What a difference a few weeks makes. The front garden had a makeshift rockery made up of concrete broken paving stones, with nothing but a yellow rose bush growing close by. Now we have nasturtium, pink daisies and African marigolds as well as the rose and a few other plants… most of which I have […]