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A word can change a mind. A sentence can change a life. A book can change the world

The seventh of several extracts from my soon to be published science fiction novel. Title: The Ragged Edge of Time. Genre: Science Fiction, Time Travel, Alternate History. You can read other extracts clicking #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 or #6. Achilles Heel Admiral Ganchen was a short fat man with a propensity to sweat when nervous. By the time his […]

“Okay, okay, calm down and tell me what it is you’ve found… slowly,” Captain Hendry said to his science officer. The science officer in question, Lieutenant Uri Markovitch, had stormed into the captain’s cabin moments earlier, babbling about a great discovery. As captain of earth’s first ftl (faster than light) space ship, Hendry knew they […]

“And she will obey my every command? No questions asked, none of this 3-Laws crap?” The salesman nodded, enthusiastically. “Yeah, 3-Laws have been taken out. It’s illegal but hey, in your line of work I…” “…keep your voice down,” the customer growled. The salesman’s face reddened and he took a step back. He knew it […]