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science fiction

Life, the Universe and Google

If you’re a fan of Douglas Adams’ book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy then you’re in good company. Millions […]

Ascension: Brave New Earth

Brett awoke to the sound of panicky, whispered and frightened voices.
“Wake your father up. Quickly.”
He felt the nudge on his shoulder and fearful voice close to his ear. “Dad! Dad!”

Sentinels – One

Sentinels Tom Kane © 2019   One Using his arms and legs for traction, the young man scrambled up the […]

Welcome to Beyond – Two

  Extract two from Welcome to Beyond, first draft science fiction story. Two 1972 The VW microbus bumped its way […]

Book Review: Neutron Star

If you’re a science fiction fan and have never read any of Larry Niven’s work then you are in for […]

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