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Buying a property has its ups and downs. Buying a property in Cyprus tends to have a little¬†sideways motion to it as well, things that need doing by a certain time can slide a little, especially in the summer. Put it this way, it’s not easy. But then, having something good in your life is […]

About 42 kilometres north-west of Limassol, in one of the main wine-making regions of Cyprus, is the quaint little village of Omodos. The village is high up in the Troodos mountains at an altitude of about 810 metres. Blessed with a natural beauty, the area is famous for its Agrotourism and its wines. In the […]

I originally wrote this piece under the main title of ‘The Concrete Gardener’ but as I’m going to go for a tasting of the wine I’ve produced tomorrow, then I thought I would make the title a little more accessible. So far there are three parts to this. The one you are reading, and steps […]

It’s not super hard to grow plants in Cyprus. After I’ve sown seeds I love the feeling I get when the first shoots appear. That feeling is even better when the shoots are from seeds I’ve collected. Even better when the original seeds were bought. The most successful I’ve been is with African Marigolds. A […]