dream car

Image by Emslichter from Pixabay

I wrote this in 2013 and still haven’t been able to buy my dream car.

Well I’m doing so well with my book sales I can now buy my dream car – a part at a time!

By the end of June I hope to have two wheel nuts. Important I get them because without them, the wheels on the car fall off.

June 2014 should see me selling enough books to start buying the actual wheels. I think by 2015 I’ll have all the wheels, including the spare.

2029 I should be in a position to buy the engine, just in time for my 74th birthday.

By the time I get shoved into a nursing home, around 2035, I think I should just about have the whole car. Bet my grand entrance with the car causes a stir with the ladies in the home!! Of course, I and my dream car will make our entrance on the back of a tow truck, I won’t get the insurance paid until 2045.

Can’t wait for the test drive on January 27th 2046 when I finally get my new cloned eyes and pass the driving exam!!

Ahhh, the stuff of dreams.

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