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The Romans knew how important time is, they must have done to coin the phrase Tempus Fugit. Whichever language you say it in, time flies is very true… and it flies faster as you get older.

Have you ever thought there aren’t enough hours in the day and you always seem to be running late? Sound familiar? I’ll bet it does. Now, I’ll let you into a secret which will actually make time slow down so that you can get all your jobs done. What is this secret? Make a list.

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Okay, to be precise it’s not exactly about making a list. What it’s actually about is planning. Getting it straight in your head what it is you need to do to get all your jobs done. The list is actually a good way of getting things straight in your head. First thing you should do after breakfast is write down what it is you need to get done that day and how long you think it will take you. Once you have your list you then have this list embedded in your head, as if by magic. Once your list is on paper and in your head you can do a bit of fine tuning, but essentially that’s it. Your day is planned and no more running around like a headless chicken.

I started employing lists quite a while ago and it’s proven essential to everything I do, before doing lists I was always behind schedule.

One last tip, don’t forget your list if you go out!

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