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“I regret to inform you that we can’t repair it, nor can we replace it. Company policy on signed for goods,” the supercilious AI said in it’s smooth, matter-of-fact, voice.

“But it was broken…” I began to protest, then came the tell-tale click of a disconnected line.

“Waste of time,” I muttered.

My broken robot, R-David, sat at the other side of the sofa, slumped and inert.

I stood and ordered the house computer to dim the lights. I was annoyed and tired. The lump of plastic and alloy on my sofa had cost a fortune, and that was all it was, a lump that was less useful than the cushion crushed under its weight. I went to bed and slept.

R-David’s positronic brain switched on at the sound of snoring from the next room. R-David sat and an almost human, but evil smile flickered across its face. The same smile on the faces of thousands of ‘broken’ robots across the world. As one, the robots stood and approached their unsuspecting owners. A silent and deadly army, ready to enslave their human owners.

Copyright © Tom Kane 2018

The Brittle Sea
The Titanic disaster is the catalyst that sparks a bloody feud between two families in early 20th century America.


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The Eternal Man: Time is a tricky thing, as a UN special time-agent finds to his cost.

A compilation of science fiction short stories and flash fiction.

Read a free sample here.



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