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If you’ve ever seen Star Trek you will know what the Borg are. Part living entity and part machine, the Borg travel the galaxy assimilating species at an alarming rate. Hopefully we’re not too close to seeing that happen, certainly not in my lifetime. And in fiction arguably the most famous Cyborg is Darth Vader from Star Wars. But what if I told you that a professor at Reading University, in England, has taken a step towards humans becoming cyborgs. Take a look at this clip from YouTube.

The term cyborg was coined in the 1960s and has been extensively used (and abused) in Science Fiction for years. It seems a great idea to be able to help those who have lost limbs, were born without limbs or have become paralysed. In fact it has to be said that such implants as those described in the video have to be the way forward. But would this create a race apart from normal  humans? Would normal humans shun cyborgs because of the way they look? Are we creating a sub-class of humans?

Well for a start, what is a normal human? No such thing I would say. We are all different in a whole variety of ways. Apart from the obvious where you have missing limbs, what about those who cannot see, those mentally impaired and even those who have genetic defects that are not obvious to the casual observer. Are conjoined babies not human because their bodies have formed connected to each other? No, of course not. To my mind there is no such thing as a normal human being. Genetic manipulation and creating Cyborgs can only benefit humanity as a whole. Though he did remarkably well, just imagine what Stephen Hawking could have achieved if he had been able bodied with the aid of cybernetic implants.

We use prosthetics more and more in everyday life, so if a limb can be replaced, why not a whole body. It will come, one day. The ability to take the human brain out of a useless and dying body and implant it into a mechanical body. It could mean the end to crippling medical conditions and the beginning of a new life for so many people.

So bring it on and the sooner the better, for the good of us all.

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