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Nope, not me. Never taken a selfie and don’t intend to start any time soon.

I’ve only ever taken one selfie, the picture I sometimes use as my Avatar. I only did that because Jo, my wife, was busy doing something much more important than taking a picture of me… Really?

So I haven’t paid much attention to the cult of the selfie, that is until I read a disconcerting headline a while back. It seems a young man in Mexico died while taking a selfie with a loaded gun pointed at his head. I assume he got confused between the button on the camera and the trigger on the gun, so he ended up shooting himself in the head as opposed to taking a selfie.

It seems that whatever human beings manage to do, they always create a dark and shocking side to their activities.

Take the woman in the UK found guilty of battering her son to death. The tiny tot had a brain hemorrhage from the injuries caused by his mother. She capped this brutal beating by taking a selfie of her grinning next to the battered baby. Shocking? Evil? But will it stop people doing similar things? Of course not.

Then there is the tragic story of a Lebanese teen who took a group selfie with his friends near some parked cars. Little did they know that one of the cars was packed with explosives. The car bomb blew up moments after the boys had taken the group selfie.

Of course, there is always the crazy and downright dangerous selfies to try and understand. Like the guy at the Pamplona bull run who was caught on camera taking a selfie of the bulls that were chasing him. I would liked to see him try a selfie as the bull’s horn connected with his backside.

Then we have the amazingly stupid two women from Iran who thought it would be a bright idea to whip out a cell phone and video themselves in the car singing along to an Iranian pop song. Only problem was, the woman who was driving got slightly carried away with her performance, shutting her eyes and letting go of the wheel. Yep, you’ve guessed it, bang, smash wallop! They only received minor injuries and, as with all dedicated selfie-types, soon managed to pop a picture of themselves in hospital on Facebook.

Some people never learn.

Tom Kane (c) 2017

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