imahe of an astrnaut

“The beast looked at me with hate in its eyes. It badly mauled my left arm so I can’t feel the arm anymore, it’s pacing round the cave taking my measure, watching and waiting… waiting to pounce.”

“It started two days after we became the first humans to land on Mars. The Red Planet, the Dead Planet. Only it wasn’t dead. These beasts where everywhere. We could only see them wearing polaroid sunglasses. Did you get that, Houston? They’re invisible unless you use polaroid sunglasses. How crazy is that? I smuggled mine aboard. No one else did. I saw them. I shouted a warning and ran. My crew couldn’t see what I saw. They died, horribly.”

I’m trapped in this cave and this six legged cross between a tiger and a scorpion is ready to snap me in two. Did you get that Houston? They kill with their pince…”

Tom Kane © 2017

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Operation Werwolf – WW2 action adventure fiction
Hitler’s Secret Atomic Bomb – The evidence for Hitler’s atomic weapon program
Ciao Roma – A guide to short stays in Rome
How to Start Your Own Embroidery Business – Home working

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The Indie Author’s Toolbox – A guide to the best apps & resources for indie authors
The Brittle Sea – Drama
The Ragged Edge of Time – Science Fiction time travel
Ascension: Brave New World – Science Fiction
Welcome to Beyond: Science Fiction

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