The summer was almost over and with it my summer romance.

We had been together for only two weeks, but each day she would be there, at the same time and the same place, patiently waiting.

She and her friends hung out together and that’s where we met. Some of my friends said she was ugly and her ears were too big. But to me, her short brown hair and funny ears were what attracted me to her. It was love at first sight and we spent wonderful sunny days on the beach, simply walking up and down.

But the end was in sight and soon, Betsy and I parted for the last time. Putting my arms round her neck I gave her a brief kiss.

But as I walked away, a voice boomed out. “Oi! That’s two pounds for the donkey ride, little boy. And next time, trying riding her instead of just walking up and down the beach.”

image of donkeys

Tom Kane © 2017

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