image of Captain Stupendous

The first day of school and Captain Stupendous sat on the grass watching the kids playing. He was on guard and ever alert for villains. Superheroes needed to be alert, ever vigilant and always ready to…

“Joey Middlemas! What are you doing sitting down there when we’re all lining up to go into class?”

Captain Stupendous cringed as he heard the voice of Miss Bell, way off to his right. He ignored her.

“Mr Middlemas, does you mother know you have a yellow table-cloth tied round your neck? Not to mention the balaclava on your head!” Miss Bell’s voice was rising in pitch as speech turned to shouting.

The Captain looked down at the two feet that had arrived with Miss Bell’s voice. In the certain knowledge he was beaten he stood up and went to class. But one day, soon, he would save the day and Denise McCullogh would see him for the hero he really was.

Tom Kane © 2017

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