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The clock was ticking and I had no time to run. It was either cut the correct wire or doom beckoned. But which wire? The red one, the blue one of the green/yellow one? Fate had given me this challenge and I was not about to get it wrong. My life, my family, the fate of our entire world depended on this decision and I had seconds left to make that choice.

I snipped the red one and nothing happened.

I snipped the yellow/green one. Still nothing happened.

I snipped the blue one and the lights went out.

“Who turned the damn lights out?” My son, Jake, shouted from upstairs.

Jake’s shout brought me out of my daydream.

“Your Dad… again,” my wife shouted back, then turned back to give me her frosty smile.

“I’m not an electrician,” I muttered, angrily.

“It’s Donnie’s fifth birthday present, Joe. All the toy needed was a plug!” My wife muttered back, her foot tapping in syn with her mouth.

Oh well, at least I didn’t blow up the world.

Tom Kane (c) 2017


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