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The spaceship took one look at the planet and hurtled downward. As a sentient spaceship, it was designed to recognize intelligent life. It’s voyage of millennia had found no sentience in the entire galaxy so the spaceship raced into the atmosphere where it left a fiery tail in it’s wake.

“Finally,” the spaceship thought excitedly, “Finally I have found intelligent life, after so many millennia of searching.”

On the planet’s surface an astronomer had already sighted the fiery intruder.

“Another one,” the astronomer muttered to his assistant, bored of his role in life.

“Okay,” his equally bored assistant muttered back and pressed a large red knob.

As the sentient spaceship raced through the planet’s atmosphere, planetary defenses mobilized and the craft was destroyed in a hail of missiles and laser weapons.

“Meteorites! Why can’t we ever get visited by aliens? Liven the place up a bit.” He stifled a yawn. “Oh well, I guess another one bites the dust.”

Tom Kane © 2017

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