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I wrote this small piece nearly two years ago in September 2017:-

The trade minister for Britain, Liam Fox, blurted out on Friday that Britain would not be blackmailed into agreeing on the huge cost of leaving the European Union.

Well, easy for him to say and no doubt there’s a lot of arguments and mud slinging to come. But none of this helps EU citizens living in the UK or Brits like us living in Europe.

We could of course go the whole way and apply for a Cyprus passport, after all we’ve been here nine years. Only one problem with that, the last time we looked the Cyprus government were offering passports to couples for a mere two million Euros. That is the price of Brexit and then some.

Tom Kane (c) 2017

Well now at the end of July 2019, we have the daunting prospect of a no-deal Brexit and the new UK Government under Boris Johnson spending billions to shore up Britain in case the worse case scenario comes to fruition. I have news for the new Prime Minister, it was very apparent from the start of Brexit that leaving the EU was going to be a shambles. It’s what Britain does best, makes the best of a bad deal.

In much the same way chaos ruled at the start of World War II and the ignominious evacuation at Dunkirk was eventually seen as a victory and heralded a greater victory over Germany, Brexit will be pretty much the same, without the bloodshed and loss of life. But there will still be sacrifices made and probably made by those who wanted to stay in the EU.

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