Money laundering is a major crime and it’s this, more than anything, that will play a significant role in the downfall of Donald Trump and his gangster family. Yet the average person pays little or no attention to the fact they may well have handled dirty money during their lifetimes.

We all know that money laundering is a crime, we all know it’s wrong, and yet little attention is paid to this by anyone except governments and law enforcement officials. Your average person simply carries on regardless of what’s happening around them. That’s because we, the people, are focusing on our ability to pay the next bill or ensure our kids have food and clothing. We’re not really that interested in anyone trading in huge sums of money that may or may not be from criminal activity. We should be, but it’s not on most people’s radar.

The fact that some of the money we handle may well be dirty money is lost on most of us. Most couldn’t care less if the €20 note, the £20 note or the $20 bill just used to pay for fuel for our cars was laundered money and I’m sure the owner of the petrol/gas station isn’t too bothered either. Yet that is exactly what’s happening, here and now, across the globe. We should care, but at the point where you have to fill your car with fuel to get to work, are you really going to be worried if it was laundered or not?

Accusations have flown thick and fast from the soap opera that is American politics over last few years that banks in Cyprus, one in particular, was a hot-bed for Russians laundering dirty money stolen from the Russian government, i.e., the Russian people. The money is apparently being diverted by those in power in Russia to a bank in Germany and from there to other banks, including a certain bank in Cyprus. Nobody knows the truth of these accusations and the outcome of the investigation carried out in the US by Robert Meuller seems to have hit a brick wall called William Bar. This investigation into the American President and his team, which seems to point to collusion between Trump and the Russian President, will either come out after Trump loses the 2020 election, or if it goes the other way, expect the beginnings of a dictatorship in the USA.

At the end of the day, true or false, this will probably not impact on the ordinary people of Cyprus, America, Britain or anywhere else in the world, unless banks are closed for spreading ‘funny money’ around or the world economy crashes because of Trump’s insanity.

Once (we hope) Donald Trump is ousted, tried, convicted and incarcerated, most of us will shrug our collective shoulders and get on with our lives. So long as we the people can pay our bills and manage a good standard of living, we’ll just roll with the blows and carry on watching the soap opera around the White House until Trump’s administration stumbles its way to a bitter end for all involved.

Tom Kane © 2019

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