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Our old dog Harvey passed away four weeks ago, but I look back fondly at some of the things I’ve written about him and his ever present pal Holly. Holly is still with us, but Harvey is sorely missed.

There’s an old (and pretty bad) joke we all loved to tell as kids.

“My dog’s got no nose.”
“How does he smell?”

Yeah, I know, told you it was bad. But in my case it’s also semi true. We have two dogs, Harvey and Holly. We call them ‘The H Team,’ and they are the most intelligent and loving English Springer Spaniels ever… but we, rather I, have a problem with Harvey. He’s pretty old now, and so am I for that matter, but he still loves to do what dogs the world over love to do – he loves to dig. Unfortunately we don’t have much in the way of a garden, but what we do have continually gets dug up by Harvey. Which is an annoyance to an amateur gardener like me. But there is an upside.

I like to try and grow plants from seed but here in Cyprus it’s not easy, with the hot weather. However, I’ve found that seeds I put in during previous years that didn’t germinate have now grown. That has happened time and time again. A bit puzzling? You bet, until I suddenly realised my clever boy Harvey has taken on the role of the common earth worm. Harvey, in his wonderful wisdom, has been tilling the soil and my seeds have started to sprout.

I’m beginning to think that Harvey’s nose has made him more of a gardener than me.

Tom Kane (c) 2017

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