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What’s one of the least expensive and yet best ways to advertise your book? It’s called content marketing and it’s an absolute must for indie authors who are not well known and who have a limited budget to use on advertising their books.

All you need is a blog and the ability to write interesting blog posts about your chosen subject or subjects. Content marketing, if done correctly, will build up your audience and from that you can expect book sales. I started blogging in 2013 with an audience of around thirty regular readers. Last month, August 2017, I had over 10,000 visits to my blog.

There’s a lot of work that goes into creating a good blog and you can manage to set yours up free of charge on but I prefer to have my WordPress blog associated with my website, so I use which means I host my blog on my website, rather than it being hosted by WordPress.

Be prepared for an extended learning curve and also be aware that it could take a number of years to build a loyal audience. You will need to be able to learn ‘on-the-fly’ with a host of plugins to help you and you will also need to know how to attract your first readers with services such as ping-o-matic. You’ll find many pitfalls, I’ve had a few, but in the end it’s a great way to learn your trade, i.e., how to write and at the same time build your following. See below for details on my upcoming book The Indie Author’s Toolbox.

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My Books on Kindle & Paperback
A Pat on his Back – Lifestyle humour
Living in Cyprus: 2013 to 2016 – An expat’s life in Cyprus
Diary of a Debt Collector – True life humour
Operation Werwolf – WW2 action adventure fiction
Hitler’s Secret Atomic Bomb – The evidence for Hitler’s atomic weapon program
Ciao Roma – A guide to short stays in Rome
How to Start Your Own Embroidery Business – Home working

Coming Soon
The Indie Author’s Toolbox – A guide to the best apps & resources for indie authors
The Brittle Sea – Drama
The Ragged Edge of Time – Science Fiction time travel
Ascension: Brave New World – Science Fiction
Welcome to Beyond: Science Fiction

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