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When we first moved to Cyprus from England, nine years ago today, the very first thing we noticed was the cavalier or even daredevil attitude of the car drivers. They would overtake on bends and at the brow of a blind hill, sometimes moving fast, often moving slowly. And in all cases we have never seen an accident happen. In fact, we have rarely seen any accidents on the roads in Cyprus and yet Cyprus has a poor record according to the stats… or so we thought. It’s true when we arrived nine years, in 2008, the stats showed the poor quality of driving. But the average driver seems to have improved. Take a look here for yourself.

So, is the increase in road safety awareness because we arrived on the island and everyone here collectively decided to treat us with kid gloves? No, of course not. There’s a much simpler answer than that. Because every day we travel on the roads in Cyprus and every day we see crazy drivers doing stupid things at high speed or low speed. So the answer is simple. Cyprus’ drivers have suddenly become psychic! There is no possible other explanation. They all know there’s nothing coming round the bend and they can simply overtake when and where they like.

So why do I still feel like buying a tank and wearing a crash helmet when I go out driving?

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