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No, I didn’t mean we in the title of this piece and I don’t mean small (well, that depends on the individual) but I do mean urine. It seems that a Cypriot scientist, based in Bristol in England, has developed wee power. Call it what you will, wee, pee or even taking the piss, urine, it seems, is powerful stuff… if you can believe the hype.

It’s long been believed that MFCs (microbial fuel cells) could be created utilising urine and that this drives an electric current by mimicking bacterial interactions found in nature. It seems scientists at a British university, led by a Cypriot, are stating that not only can they generate power from human urine, the process can also kill bacteria harmful to humans. This has led to speculation that a new type of sewage system can be developed.

Now that I would like to see, because despite Cyprus being in the European Union, we still cannot put used toilet paper down the loo and flush it away, because the sewage system is, well, crap!

Tom Kane (c) 2017

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