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Today was a bad day. Bad for two things that I couldn’t find. One was lost, but now thankfully found and the other was a place I couldn’t find.

The day started fine, but I had an appointment in Larnaca for 11:30 at the optician. My eyesight’s getting worse, especially with a cataract growing in one eye, and I needed new spectacles urgently.

So off I went in a cheery mood, parking the car in a car park (piece of wasteland that charges three euros a day) near one of our favourite restaurants in Larnaca, Hobos Steak House. I was early so had time to collect a parcel from DHL and then walked up to where Google maps said the opticians was. I had never been before, but was sure Google would not let me down. An hour later and with a for plea for help from three strangers and two unanswered phone calls to the optician I was non the wiser to the location of the optician.

Fed up with walking in the heat and exhausted, I walked (actually stumbled) back to the car park. Only it wasn’t where I thought it was. I don’t know how they did it, but the entire car park was missing, honest.

Another whole hour of stumbling around, with nobody to ask, because these waste ground car parks are ten-a-penny in Larnaca, I was about to give in and call a taxi, when I miraculously stumbled upon the car-park,

By the time I got home I had achieved nothing. I looked out my trusty magnifying glass and looked at the opticians card. I was looking for a wide avenue and it turns out it was a tiny back-street with a college a few doors down. I have told my wife I was looking for the wrong street and no, I haven’t told her I was at one point actually on the street I was looking for.

I knew there was a reason I needed new spectacles.

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