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I started working for myself when I was in my mid-twenties and in forty years in business have never worked for anyone else… except my customers. As a sole-proprietor or major business owner, you may not feel you work for someone else but you do, your customers. And that customer base is a very demanding entity. They are always right and they always want your product at a good price and, they always want a little extra for free.

Well, if you’re an indie author, you can give your customers, your readers, that little extra completely free of charge. With Amazon Kindle you can now add X-Ray to your books.

X-Ray gives your readers an in-depth exploration of your book, with the contents of your book given added value when you add more information on certain topics. Amazon describes it this way: “X-Ray lets you explore the ‘bones of a book.’
Without connecting to the Internet to retrieve information, X-Ray accesses small files containing relevant information, pre-loaded onto the Kindle device or app. This is information either you provide or you can link to information on Wikipedia.
So now, you can give your readers more in-depth knowledge of your book’s characters or scenes, providing your reader with a lot of background information extras. Think of it a bit like the book version of a director’s cut movie.

Now that is adding value to a book and if I were you, I would advertise this extra with a fanfare to your readers.

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