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image of car and James BondIt’s only taken me nine years to update my UK EU driving license to a Cypriot EU driving license. The only slight problem I could foresee was the fact Cyprus hasn’t exactly set the gold standard for government administration.

So, off we went to get our licenses sorted out, expecting a 3-4 hour delay. How wrong we were. It took less than an hour and I walked out with a temporary paper license with a promise of the new card version being in my possession in eight working days. Wow! Jo on the other hand hit a road-block, but that’s an ongoing story for another day.

I filled the required forms out in advance, with some difficulty as they were in Greek. But I was brutally honest about my medical status and the fact I need spectacles to drive. l must admit I was astonished at how quickly we got through the process. A man examined our forms first, muttering away about me, saying “no not needing to drive an articulated lorry, no you don’t have that medical problem or you’ll have to wait forever” and “you can tow a boat with this license.” I did try and tell him I didn’t have a boat but he wasn’t listening. By the time he had finished my form was one big piece of paper with black ink scrawls all over it. This was then translated by the next person into, “Forty Euros please and here’s your temporary licence. Your full licence will be ready in eight days.”

Thing is, it now seems I’m no longer a diabetic and as for needing spectacles to drive, my eyesight problems are now cured too it seems. This is better than going to a faith healer.

Let’s hope I don’t have a diabetic hypoglycemic attack while driving without spectacles! I do wonder though if this is standard practice, some of the drivers I’ve come across in Cyprus seem to be licensed to kill!

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