image of James CagneyThere’s an old James Cagney movie called White Heat, where Cagney plays a gangster who has a fixation with his mother. In the final scene, he’s on top of a gas holder that’s in flames, and shouts, “Made it, ma.Top of the world.” That’s just before the gas holder explodes and kills him.

I mention this for one reason and one reason only, it’s caught your attention and you’re wondering what the hell I’m on about.

Attracting an audience to your website means you need your website to be top of the world too. If you have a website, do you know how many people visited it in any given period since it was first published to the world wide web? I’ll bet many of you have no idea. Which begs a question, “Why have a website if you don’t care if anybody sees it?”

Your website is your shop window for the world to look into, Unless you take care, people will pass your window by and ignore what you have to offer. A stagnant shop window that never changes day after day after day will eventually lead to web users totally disregarding it. You need to know who your website appeals to, how many people visit and how you can keep attracting new visitors and keep current visitors. Stagnation breeds indifference.

What makes people look at your website is the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo’s search engines. That and links from other sites to your site. These two are the bread and butter of site traffic and the best search traffic is organic.

Organic traffic is generated when a link to your website is at the top of a SERP. Search Engine Results Pages are pages generated and displayed by Google and other search engines when someone enters a word or phrase into a search engine. If your website is at the top or at least in the top ten, then people will more likely click on those top entries than scroll down or view other pages. You’ve done exactly that yourself, haven’t you?

Getting to the top of your world is no mean feat and it can take years. One way of helping is to keep your site fresh by changing the content, the information and images, on a regular basis. But you also need to ensure your site is optimized for search engines, this is better know as SEO.

Don’t just stick a website onto the web and wash your hands of it, you need to continually work on your website in order to attract and keep an audience.

Do you want to know how I attract an audience? Well, you reading this is how I do it in the main. Good content that isn’t always about you or your products will attract an audience, especially if you post it on a regular basis. That’s a good way to grow your audience and one favoured by most search engines.

Top of the SERPs, ma!

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