Extract from my 2nd #WIP
Title: The Ragged Edge of Time.
Genre: Science Fiction, Time Travel, Alternate History
#SciFi #TimeTravel #AltHist

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Security Breach

Gideon sat amid the array of computers that were scanning his body, checking for anomalies and reassessing his wellbeing against known parameters. Maxwell Bahn sat in a corner of the lab and watched with a smile on his face. So far Gideon had performed exceptionally and he was pleased the way his creation had handled the sentience thrust upon him. The logic algorithms were holding up as well as the physical body. Gideon was in good shape.

“Do I need to go through these tests after each exertion, father?”

Bahn shook his head. “No, we only need to do these checks over a few months. Then, when we are ready and certain all is well, maybe in a years’ time, we can begin full scale production.”

As the last of the tests were completed, Dr. Mizaki indicated Gideon could step down from the gurney he was sat on.

“Do I pass muster, Doctor?”

Mizaki nodded. “You do indeed, Gideon. All is well and there is no reason for concern.”

A red light flickered above the comms array.

“There is a station wide alert, father.” Gideon dropped to the floor and quickly dressed in full combat gear, his stealth suit being a one-piece coverall over the top of his semenex shirt and leggings.

“Alert for what, son?” Bahn surprised himself how easy he was finding it to call Gideon his son, but noticed the raised eyebrow Mizaki used as he eyed Bahn.

“There is a report of a breach of security. A reporter who attended the display is missing. Her alert sensor has been activated.” Gideon’s eyes furrowed as he waited for more information from the main computer array. “She has been taken off the station. The alert is coming from the vicinity of Ganymede.”

Both Bahn and Mizaki stood as one and walked to where Gideon was stood, awaiting more news to be issued from the Earth Defence Computer System (EDeCS) to all military operatives. Though Gideon was not officially part of the Earth Defence Force, Bahn had ensured he could at least access the information in aid of his training.

“Ganymede is Hugo’s last know position, Max. What does it mean?” Mizaki was obviously nervous. Another attack by Hugo’s fleet would not be fatal, but the EDF Navy was sorely pressed to maintain a cohesive defence strategy.

Bahn looked toward Mizaki as if to speak when a station wide Klaxon alert sounded.

“The reporter that was taken was also an EDF agent,” Gideon said, pausing briefly, ”she has been terminated.”

“Hugo has infiltrated our defence systems.” Bahn said it slowly, in a matter-of-fact manner.

Gideon looked at his father and spoke briefly. “Vastos Hugo’s Naval attack force has jumped from Ganymede to here, by-passing EDF satellite defence systems. His Navy will begin bombarding Earth shortly. Our Navy will not get here in time, father. I must be allowed to teleport to his command ship. I must stop him from within his own attack force.”

“What do you mean?”

“I have analysed his command ship and command structure. The Dominator and its crew though battle hardened have many weaknesses, not least in the ill trained command structure. I can disable that command structure by eliminating key figures in little more than thirty minutes.”

“That will leave the command ship on auto-pilot. It will not stop the attack,” Doctor Mizaki said, fear evident in his voice.

Gideon smiled. “True, but there is also a problem with the ships shield array that I can create a loop feed-back to the Dominator’s engine core.”

Bahn smiled back at Gideon. “Very clever, son. Destroy the Dominator and you destroy the head of the serpent.”

“Exactly. But I need to move swiftly. Do I have your permission, sir?”

Bahn frowned. “My permission? I’m not your commanding…”

“You are navy reserve Rear Admiral Maxwell Bahn, sir. I am currently detecting little information form the EDF Command structure. Earth bombardment has commenced. I need your permission, sir. You are the ranking officer on this facility.”

Bahn looked at Mizaki who shrugged his shoulders. Bahn turned to Gideon. “Your field commission is fully active, do you need anything from us?”

“My combat protocols are fully functioning as are internal weapons and body armour. I think I can cope alone, thank you Admiral.”

Bahn placed his left hand on Gideon’s shoulder. “Good luck, son and be careful.”

Gideon nodded to his father, then to Mizaki and with a nod to both closed his eyes. Bahn and Mizaki watched, with considerable trepidation, as their creation de-materialised.

Tom Kane © 2017

You can read other extracts clicking #TheRaggedEdgeofTime


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