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Bernina Express

This coming year, 2018, is going to be an epic year for travel for my wife and I. We’re off to Australia in January and, apart from visiting family, it’s an opportunity to see sights we may never get the chance to see again. Whale watching, tours of Freemantle and Perth, visits to Penguin & Rottnest Islands as well as seeing the unique Australian wildlife up-close and personal.

Then, in May, we’re taking in the London sights including a trip on the Eye, views from the Shard, the London Dungeon and a show, namely Les Miserable. Then it’s a hop onto a plane and a week in Lake Como, Italy.

The Italian trip will include a lot of sightseeing as well and I’m particularly looking forward to the Bernina Express trip into the Swiss mountains because the views should be pretty spectacular. So, in order to record all this and hopefully produce a couple of tour guides I’m taking enough camera gear to sink a ship and a notebook and pen to record my thoughts… well, actually, I’m going to try and go a little more hi-tech than just pen and paper. I’m going to use Google Voice Typing on my mobile phone. So far my experiments have been quite good. The app has recognised “good morning” and an inadvertent “do you want a cup of tea” as my wife woke up mid-tinkering with the app. Pretty good for a first attempt.

If the resulting guides are full of yoodling & cows mooing, you’ll know I’m in the Swiss alps. If the guide is full of shrieks and swearing then it’s Australia and I’ve seen a big spider!

Isn’t technology wonderful?

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How do you fancy getting lost in a maze so big you could fit a house in it? Or perhaps walking with sharks is your thing. With the Kangaroos kicking off and fighting among themselves and the cute Quokkas being a little off hand, it was never a dull moment in Perth during my stay in January 2018.

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Living in Cyprus: 2015 here

Hitler’s Secret Atomic Bomb here

An Indie Author Quick Guide to Blogging here

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