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If you’re a science fiction fan and have never read any of Larry Niven’s work then you are in for a treat with Neutron Star. Niven is a multiple Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author and was the must read science fiction author of the late sixties and early seventies.

His tales from known space involving such great creatures such as the Pierson’s Puppeteers, Kzinti, Grogs and a variety of human types were my staple diet in my early readings of science fiction. Neutron Star is a classic collection of short stories that somehow don’t feel like short stories because they are full of action, thought provoking ideas and alien worlds and situations. Niven is a master story-teller and this book is ideal for anyone wanting an introduction to great science fiction.

In Niven’s known space it’s accepted that the hyper drive exists, that Ram-scoops are a pretty cool way to move spaceships and that even worlds can be moved around the galaxy if you’re a Pierson’s Puppeteer. With story telling ideas such as his, Niven has a rightful place in the science fiction hall of fame and you would do well to start your journey with him on this book. After that, move onto the fantastic Ringworld marvel at the deadly Protector and believe me, Niven will open up a whole new galaxy of amazing worlds for you.

These stories stand the test of time even though old technology such as video tape do tend to date these stories in a small and unobtrusive way.

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