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Sorry to disappoint, Disney haven’t called and asked me to write the script for the next stage in the Star Wars saga… nor are they ever likely to I hate to admit. But, here at Chez Kane in the middle of Cyprus, we’ve gone fully cinematic digital with the addition of a HD video camcorder to our limited addition box brownie. So, in future, I can bore the pants off you, dear reader, with videos as well as stills from my life in Cyprus. Aren’t you the lucky one.

Having once upon a time been a video editor, I’ll promise not to produce crappy grainy rubbish. It will be of the best quality boredom and yawn inducing material. So, off we go to the seaside, Dhekalia in fact, where I’ll treat you to great views of the tiny bay where you can sun yourself in the morning, have fish and chips at lunch time with a few local beers, wines and spirits and get arrested in the afternoon by the British Military Police for being drunk and disorderly. Nowhere else on the planet will you find entertainment like this.

Watch out for my riveting videos… just as soon as I work out which button does what… oh, and how to charge the battery!

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