travel imageHappy New Year dear reader. I hope you achieve what you want to achieve, gain or keep your happiness and have abundant health and wealth for you, your family and friends.

I really do try to keep to one or two New Year resolutions and this year it’s write more and travel more. I have several books and book ideas in the pipeline, but it’s so hard when you lead a busy life to fit it all in. But this year I am going to do more to stick to my writing plans and methodology.

My novel, The Ragged Edge of Time is complete and going through the editing stage, as you can probably tell from the several extracts I’ve posted on here. It seems pretty well received, though I’m only going by the number of reads each extract gets, as very few people comment. I’ll take that as no comment means it’s okay.

Soon we will begin our Australian adventure and I’m preparing both a writing plan, as an electronic diary, as well as taking hand-held video and snaps with my DSLR. When we get back, the result should be both postings on here, my YouTube channel (which I’ve neglected until now) and a travel guide to Perth in Western Australia.

Then it’s back to work, more t-shirt designs to create and embroider or print. The spring is usually busy with schools and sports teams wanting designs and personalised garments.

Then it’s another break in late spring and this is what I’ve been wanting to do since I was thirteen or fourteen years old, a week in the Italian lakes. In my early teens my family went on holiday to Innsbruck, Austria… and surprisingly they took me with them! I have never forgotten this holiday and I am so glad to be visiting mountains and lakes once more. Again, I’ll be keeping a diary both written and visual and will put posts on here and create another travel guide.

After all that I’ll need a little rest so maybe a trip to a nice little resort with a beach here in Cyprus. But who knows what the future will bring and once again, I hope your New Year is a good one, dear reader.

Tom Kane © 2018

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