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At last press, it’s been revealed that Michael Wolff’s Fire & Fury is being made into a TV series. I’m not surprised, it is after all a great story and one of the few books I can honestly say I couldn’t put down.

Although I’m not an American, I’ve followed Donald Truimp’s antics for years as he’s a great subject for a good belly laugh. Fire & Fury is Trump’s greatest adventure yet. I say adventure, but of course it’s really a complete debacle. You cannot come away from reading this book without shaking your head and muttering “What the f@#* are Trump and his cohorts on?”

I made an assumption that Fire & Fury is as true as it can be as much of the retelling has to be from sources Wolff cannot or will not reveal. That said, much of the truth of this book has been verified from a variety of sources.

I can’t help but think a better title would have been ‘Lies, Deceit & Conceit” as that’s what this book is. really about. The conceit and deceit of Trump’s merry band of clowns is mind boggling. It’s the Keystone Kops on Mescaline. The inept way Trump surrounds himself with dumb people and then proceeds to do a lot of dumb things is something you couldn’t make up. Dumb & Dumber would have been proud.

The book is well written, though there’s a whole host of spelling and grammar errors, but I can forgive that due to the speed Wolff had to write it up and get it out. Fire & Fury is an insight into a world few of us get to see. Not only does it reveal the inner workings of the White House, it reveals the inner workings of a bunch of fools who are so conceited in their own belief they know what’s best, they can’t see the wood for the trees.

One disappointing, but inevitable, aspect of the book is that it finishes very abruptly. As readers, we know there is more to come and this is perhaps a clever marketing ploy for Wolff’s sequel.

Arrogant and stupid people there are plenty of in Fire & Fury. What’s frightening is the shady rich, arrogant and stupid people in the background, pulling the strings of a political force that is out of control and heading for a cliff. Even more frightening is the gradual realisation that the finger on the US nuclear trigger is attached to a petulant three year old who may send us all to Hell at a whim.

Perhaps Michael Wolff’s sequel should be World’s End, but then there may be nobody left to read it!

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