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It’s a simple process, buying property in Cyprus – on the face of it. But before you do anything, bear in mind when I say Cyprus I mean the republic, not the north which is in limbo and not recognised as a country by any nation on Earth except Turkey. Do NOT buy in the north for one simple reason, you may be buying a property that is legally owned by someone who fled the north when Turkey invaded in 1974 and is officially classed as a refugee while living in the Republic of Cyprus. This is all to do with the Turkish invasion of Cyprus back in 1974, a conflict that has never been resolved and has lead to Turkey occupying part of the north of the island ever since. And with Erdogan currently in charge of Turkey and his warlike stance on the legitimate government of Cyprus’ attempt to drill for offshore gas etc., in the area, this problem is likely to go on for many years to come.

There are potentially other problems buying in Cyprus if you go into a purchase blindfolded, eyes wide shut and fingers in your ears. That way is a surefire way of getting burned.

Before you choose any property, make sure it’s on the market with a registered estate agent. Do not use any agency that ‘finds’ properties if they are not state registered. We did exactly that ten years ago and thankfully we were only renting. That experience turned out to be so traumatic I wrote a book about our experiences which was a quite a cathartic process. Just be aware that there are pitfalls.

Once you have chosen your property it’s a simple process to get the ball rolling but you will need to use a solicitor for no other reason than it’s easier to get through the legalities. Bear in mind also there are hidden costs. A little tax here, a small fee there and it will all add up so your dream home is likely going to cost quite a bit more than the face value.

Make sure also that you get an inventory. The property I have my eye on had a lot of pictures show on the agent’s website and is advertised as fully furnished. But since visiting I have found that the TV shown in the sales blurb is no longer there. A little thing to be sure, but another 100 Euros to put one in, which is another 100 Euros on top of already rapidly escalating costs.

I have discovered that there are generally five golden rules (so far) to buying a property here in Cyprus:-

  1. Eyes and ears wide open.
  2. Make sure the estate agent is legally registered.
  3. Get a good solicitor.
  4. Think about what you are doing and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  5. Make sure you have deep pockets.

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