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Following the nerve agent attack on Britain by Russia, it was clear from the joint statement made by Britain, France, Germany and the USA that we were all singing from the same hymn book… almost. While Nikki Haley, US ambassador to the UN, gave a clear and concise statement at the UN which actually sounded quite presidential and Sarah Huckabee Sanders clearly stated Russia was responsible, we had a somewhat tepid response from Trump. The US did point the finger, something I didn’t expect, but it was clear Trump was not happy doing so.

British police have now said up to 131 people may have been affected by the nerve agent, which means this attack has taken on the proportions of an act of terror akin to murderous attacks by Al-Qaeda and the so called Islamic State. In other words, Russia is going down a very dark path on the road to being a pariah state. Unfortunately, unless Trump is stopped, he will be taking the US down that same path as his ‘friend’ Putin is treading.

Humanity is now only one step away from a terrorist organisation or state, like Russia, deploying a dirty bomb in London or Paris or New York. Then we’re on the even darker path of nuclear Armageddon with the likes of Trump and Putin lighting the fuse.

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