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The small town of Margaret River has a lot to offer, the surrounding countryside and beaches are very beautiful. But that’s not all Maragaret River has to offer as it’s also famous for it’s wines, beers and spirits, sometimes likened to the Bordeaux region of France. As you drive through the area the place is awash with wineries, micro-breweries and distilleries, you are lost for choice.

We drove down through the lovely countryside, passing Cowaramup (blink and you will miss it) and then onto Margaret River the town. What attracts women the world over? Shops of course and the prospect of shopping for souvenirs. In Margaret River the shops were doing a roaring tourist trade.

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I was trying my best to get some good shots of the town but parked cars and a steady flow of traffic prevented me, so I abandoned that idea and went in search of a coffee shop. But on the way I discovered a little gem of a shop. A sweet shop that sold liquorice . Well, my wife decided to treat me for my birthday, which wasn’t for over a week and the day after we were back in Cyprus. So, I sipped my coffee and put liquorice out of my mind.

When I was a kid, when we went on holiday to the Isle of Wight, a small island at the bottom of Britain in southern England, we would take a paddle steamer (yes, I’m that old) across the water, then a steam train to our holiday destination. Then it was up to my parents to entertain us for two weeks. How they managed to do this without researching all the venues and attractions on the internet is something I will never know. We were so backward, in a tech sense, when I was a boy that we didn’t get a phone installed until I was in my teens. In this modern high-tech world, all we had to do was drink our coffee and use a mobile phone to look up things to do in Margaret River. What we came up with was pretty cool.

It’s billed as the Amaze’n Margaret River and it’s ideal to keep young and old amused for a few hours, albeit in a perpetual state of feeling lost. There’s a mini golf course, gardens and a lot of wildlife as well as a great little cafe selling food and drink. Of course it’s the maze that’s the main attraction and believe me, it will keep you well entertained, but be sure to take food and water in case you really get lost. I’m a diabetic so have to eat at regular times. Naturally we went in at lunchtime thinking we would be out in ten minutes and, of course, we got lost. It was thanks to our intrepid guide, my Grandson, that we found a way out before I keeled over and fell off my perch for good.

The Maze itself is a three metre high Giant Hedge Maze, comprising of 2,000 Leightons Green plants. It covers half a hectare of land with 1.5 km of paths and it’s an amaze’n 23 years old, which means you’re not going to be able to cheat and see over the top. I’ve been in many mazes over the years but this is probably the best. So much so I can safely say it’s the only place we got really lost in Australia, with or without SatNav Sally!

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How do you fancy getting lost in a maze so big you could fit a house in it? Or perhaps walking with sharks is your thing. With the Kangaroos kicking off and fighting among themselves and the cute Quokkas being a little off hand, it was never a dull moment in Perth during my stay in January 2018.

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