Australia’s Beer Necessities

image of beer on tap

image of beer on tap

On our last night in Australia, in the sleepy seaside town of Bussleton, all was not sleepy. It was just gone seven in the evening and we had parked the car outside of town as the main street was cordoned off for some reason. We had no idea what was going on until we turned a corner and saw the street market, kid’s rides and a variety of street entertainers. All the bars and cafes were open, except one, the little Italian place we wanted to go to.

image of steak ale and mash

It turns out it was Australia day the following day and celebrations were already underway. So, we strolled around admiring the crafts and wondering if we could get a concrete lizard home safe and sound for our garden. I would have loved to see our two English Springers try and chase a concrete lizard. But it was too heavy, which was a shame.

So, where to eat? There were plenty of places open and after a twenty minute walk we decided on the Vasse Bar & Kitchen in Queen Street.

Being boring old Poms (that’s British to you and me) we decided on the Angus Beef and Ale Pie Floater. That was lovingly described as sliced slow roasted Angus beef rump, caramelised onion and ale gravy Pie served on rustic mash potatoes, gravy and mushy peas. It sounded very tasty and we ordered and paid for that, then turned our attention to a beer to help wash it down. This is where I needed the barman’s advice. The beer list was longer than the wine list… Australians love their booze.

Carlton Dry
Matso’s Ginger Beer
Stella Artois
James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale
Victoria Bitter
Fat Yak Pale Ale
Coopers Pale Ale
Little Creatures Rogers
Great Northern Super Crisp
George the Fox Cider
Bulmers Cider
Blue Mile Summer Ale
Goose Island Midway IPA
Coopers Session Ale
Eagle Bay Kolsch

My head was swimming and that was before I had touched a drop! So, between us, the barman and I decided on Great Northern Super Crisp. Crisp it was and it hit the spot just right on a hot summer evening.

The food was even better than it sounded in the description. This was London West End Gastro Fare that looked and tasted superb. It was Masterchef with nobs on. What a way to finish a holiday.

Satisfied, happy and more than pleased with a noisy but good night out, we made our way back to our chalet on the camp site and slept so very well.

Tom Kane © 2018

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