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image of nectarines on a tree

Once upon a time I grew a lot of Fruit in tubs and grapes on a back wall – and then we moved to a different house. In the last year of living in the new house, I’ve gone from fruit growing to flowers, because I assumed it would be easier. However, 2019 was not a good year with two ill dogs and my own health problems it turned into my own annus horribilis. Flowers didn’t grow well due to lack of care, so this year, 2020, I’m attempting to get back growing flowers and fruit, just for a change. Here’s my original posting about my attempts at growing fruit.

I was told that when I attempted to grow oranges from orange pips, here in Cyprus, not only would I get no fruit but no fruiting plants would actually grow well in pots or tubs. What I needed, the wise old men told me, was a small plot of land. Well, I’ve got a small plot of land, which is basically our concreted and tiled back-yard with a swimming pool in the middle. So rather than dig holes in the tiles and concrete, I did what I intended doing in the first place, ignoring all the advice, I used pots and tubs.

What you see above is a whole load of nectarines growing on a tree, grown in a tub, a large tub, despite the words of the wise old man. It works, because I feed them every now and then. Not only that I have several orange trees, a lemon tree, a cherry tree and an apple tree… all happily growing in tubs.

image of grapes

These grapes are growing in a wall, yes, in a wall. Vines like soil that’s generally too bad to grow anything else in. I’ve got two vines out front which have their first grapes on them after two years – Chinese vines grown from seed in a small pot, transferred into terrible gritty soil.

image of seedlings growing in tubs

And here we have tubs with seedlings in, Australian seeds, Rottnest Island Daisies and Golden Eternals. If I’m lucky, I’ll have a lot of colour in my concrete garden this year and that’s apart from the fruit.

You don’t have to take the word of an expert over an amateur, just go with your gut and if it works, great, if not, you’ve learned a valuable lesson.

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